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    Toasting beer and the Bible
    By Emma-Jane McLennan - Friday, April 18th 2014:

    BEER AND the Bible work seamlessly together for the Hebrews boys. The Christchurch Christian brewing group meet regularly to create craft beers in their homes, then share them with their peers. It all started a couple years ago at Laidlaw College in Papanui, where Lukas Theilmann was studying theology. "Me and a guy called Jethro were studying, and we both brewed our own beer. So we started our own group, and when he moved to Auckland I kept it going," he said. The Hebrews crew make craft beers for groups such as The Society... 

      LocalNews   The Blenheim Sun
    Easter weekend police blitz
    the newsroom - Friday, April 18th 2014:

    Marlborough Police will be taking part in the trans-Tasman Operation Unite this weekend and the national Easter road policing operation, Crossroads. The operations aim to reduce the number of victims from alcohol related crime and road trauma. As part of Operation Unite, a joint initiative with Australian Police, New Zealand police officers are encouraging people to re-think how they host gatherings at home, how much they are drinking and their behaviour during and after drinking. "Police are dealing with the consequences of... 

      LocalNews   Metropol
    David Lloyd - whimsical sculptor
    By Hans Petrovic - Thursday, April 17th 2014:

    There's a certain whimsy to David Lloyd's sculpture that can't help but appeal to you - no matter if it's a small insect, a giant spider or a bird in a cage. A lifelong craftsman, David works mainly in copper, adding his own distinctive touch that you can't help but recognise wherever you may see it around town. There's no doubt that the large metal fish hanging from the ceiling in the main bar at Cassels & Sons Brewery, Woolston, is his. His work is also usually on display at the Little David Lloyd - whimsical sculptor Rive... 

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  •   LocalNews   The News North Canterbury
    Harvest goes ahead despite the rain
    By Kit Carson - Thursday, April 17th 2014:

    There are some in the Waipara Valley still buoyant in the fact they had chosen to pick their grape crops early. They missed the rain and enjoyed a very good harvest. Then there were the others who chose to take the ''that's agriculture'', grin and bear it approach, pick what you can philosophy. Such are a couple of West Coast wine fanatics who have been confronting the elements and pursuing an organic vineyard dream for more than 20 years. After seeing the potential 2013 crop in their tiny Glenmark vineyard wiped out by a la... 

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    Prize car found in a mess
    By PETER FRANKLIN - Wednesday, April 16th 2014:

    The owners of a 1974 GT Falcon, that was their special car, were devastated when police showed them what was left of their ''baby'' on Friday. Police arrested a 25-year-old Levin man on Thursday after two search warrants had been executed at Levin properties. Detective Richard Morse said the vehicle would undergo forensic examination, which may lead to more arrests. Mr Morse said the owners were devastated when they saw the vehicle for the first time since it was allegedly stolen on January 6 this year. He said the police ta... 

      LocalNews   The Blenheim Sun
    No increase to pension, says PM
    By Kristy Martin - Wednesday, April 16th 2014:

    Prime Minister John Key has refused to commit to increasing the pension, stating the payment for seniors had already gone up 'considerably' in the past five years. As winter draws near and power bills increase, plus a potential rates rise on the horizon, Marlborough's elderly are doing it tough. Local seniors' advocates have described the New Zealand Superannuation benefit for over 65s as 'inadequate' and say more and more pensioners are turning to handouts to survive. The Sun newspaper raised the issue with Mr Key during a ... 

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    Questions raised over how Rodney rates are spent
    the newsroom - Wednesday, April 16th 2014:

    Auckland Council is collecting more than $60 million a year from ratepayers in the Rodney ward, new figures appear to reveal. A member of the Northern Action Group (NAG), Dennis Brown, says he has been leaked the figures, and has questioned whether the ward is getting value for money. He has also noted that the Rodney Local Board receives just $24 million of the total. The leaked figures for the latest financial year show total rates income as $60.3 million, including just over $6 million from businesses and just over $54 mi... 

      LocalNews   Waimea Weekly
    Mall to beef-up security following roof break-in
    Phillip Rollo Reporter - Wednesday, April 16th 2014:

    security after burglars climbed onto the roof of the mall and cut through the ceiling, before stealing from two retailers last Tuesday night. Richmond Mall manager Belinda de Clercq says the offenders only got away with the money that was in the tills of Cuts@Once and The Body Shop, which totalled $800. "It looks like they've gone through the air-con vent. Who would think someone would go on to the roof and cut through it?" says Belinda. Police and mall management were unaware of what the offenders knew about the two retaile... 

      LocalNews   Kapiti News
    Council in gun for 'wasting $1m'
    by ANN READING - Wednesday, April 16th 2014:

    Council has failed to take responsibility in a number of serious matters, wasting $1 million of ratepayer money, according to Salima Padamsey, of Coastal Ratepayers United. ''This is the same amount of money that has been spent on the whole Royal visit,'' she said. At the audit and risk subcommittee meeting onThursday, she outlined a number of matters where she claims councillors failed to take responsibility. The first related to the original Shand report that imposed coastal hazard lines on properties. ''The science was pr... 

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  •   LocalNews   Hibiscusmatters
    Three nations share their knowledge in Silverdale
    the newsroom - Wednesday, April 16th 2014:

    A cross cultural exchange of a unique kind took place this month with the visit of three Native American Elders to Te Herenga Waka in Orewa. The Elders, Gil Aguilera, Ruben Saufkie and Gail Whitlow, came to Orewa as the guests of Marama Winder who invited them here after attending their workshop in Albany last month. Marama organised the day of teaching, healing and ceremony at Te Herenga Waka in Silverdale at short notice; around 45 people took part. The special one-day event included teachings about traditional medicine, p... 

      LocalNews   Nelson Weekly
    Tahuna back beach 'needs more security'
    Andrew Board Editor - Tuesday, April 15th 2014:

    More security is needed near the back beach at Tahunanui say local business owners after a "bad run" of vandalism. Last month Pro Karts was the victim of a $250,000 arson attack and last weekend they were hit again, with graffiti spray painted on a shipping container they rent. It's the latest in a long line of vandalism in the area and Pro Karts owner Nick Fowler says he's "had enough" and says Nelson City Council needs to step up and help keep the area safe. "This is council-owned land but we own the buildings so we pour a... 

      LocalNews   Selwyn Times
    Parents back religion at Prebbleton School
    By Tom Doudney - Tuesday, April 15th 2014:

    Christian religious education will remain unchanged in Prebbleton School after strong backing from its parent community. A survey, conducted last month, found that 63.77 per cent of respondents wanted religious education to carry on in its current format of half an hour a week during class time. School is officially closed during this time but parents can opt out. Results showed 21.26 per cent of respondents would prefer religious education not be held at all and 14.98 per cent would prefer to see religious studies held outs... 

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  •   LocalNews   Western News
    Mothers in fight to save pre-school
    By Max Towle - Monday, April 14th 2014:

    Two mothers are vowing to fight the city council in a bid to save their children's early learning school. The city council has recommended the Pioneer Early Learning Centre be put out to tender in its draft annual plan. The move came after the councilowned pre-school posted a $100,000 loss for 2013. Somerfield mother Erin Wilmshurst, whose two daughters aged two and four attend Pioneer, told the Southern View the city council had not considered the potential effect on the community. "If the school ends up in a private provid... 

      LocalNews   Pegasus Post
    Talks to ease estuary sea wall flood risk
    By Cullen Smith - Monday, April 14th 2014:

    Southshore residents' concerns over the flooding risk from neglected Estuary sea walls will be considered at a meeting of city council and Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority staff. Severe southerly storms last month left many Southshore properties inundated after driving winds forced Estuary water through damaged sea walls that had been maintained previously by the people who lived there. But since the Crown purchases of red zone properties and CERA's demolitions the protective edge around the Estuary has fallen into d... 

      LocalNews   NorWest News
    Crime cameras a big welcome
    By Fiona Thomas - Monday, April 14th 2014:

    Merivale residents are welcoming the installation of a new crime camera on the corner of Aikmans Rd and Papanui Rd. The camera, one of 10 new crime cameras city wide, came online last week and was aimed at increased late-night activity in the area. Police Inspector Peter Cooper said the cameras were a reflection of changes in the city's nightlife, with increased numbers of people in Merivale in the evenings. "It's become quite a popular late night event place, it reflects the changing dynamic of Christchurch," he said. Inspe...